jessica valenti

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For the last eight years, I’ve been speaking at colleges and organizations across the country. My speaking style is informal and relatable, and my strength is making feminist politics engaging, funny and enraging.

I’m a low-maintenance speaker - no special handling or bizarre riders, I promise! - and truly love spending time with feminist communities of students, faculty and administrators. I also have a strong record of making a splash at nonprofit events and fundraisers - this speech I gave at Planned Parenthood in Texas, for example, ended up getting picked up by Upworthy

My most popular college presentations are:

- Why Feminism (Still) Matters: Sexism, Culture and Activism

- Yes Means Yes: Battling Rape Culture and Moving Towards a Positive Sexuality

- The Purity Myth: Sexuality, Sexism & Power (This talk can be adjusted to fit around a screening of The Purity Myth film, by the Media Education Foundation)

This year, I also have a new presentation about digital feminism and the way it’s changing American politics and culture. All of my talks prioritize an intersectional analysis. 

Here are some reactions from event organizers:

"Valenti is among the most clear-sighted of young feminist thinkers in the USA." - Princeton University

"Jessica was amazing - everyone here hasn’t stopped talking about her! I can’t thank you enough for helping us make this happen." -Georgetown University

"I really hope a group takes the initiative to have Jessica back again, she was a huge hit an there was a huge turn out. People were very impressed."-Bryn Mawr University

To book me for a speaking engagement, please contact Jodi Solomon Speakers.