jessica valenti

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“A brave and bracing critique of our unrealistic parenting ideals.” -ELLE Magazine

“…a welcome tonic for both those with children and those who don’t.” -Publisher’s Lunch

“[Why Have Kids?] is a call for much-needed change and may unite a new generation of moms..[it’s] a politicized, anti-What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” -Publishers Weekly

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“A classic and timely work on the reproductive oppression of women, The Purity Myth paints a truthful picture of the well-financed virginity movement in the U.S. In the feminist spirit, Valenti provides not only a sexualization analysis, but a framework for activism.” - Loretta J. Ross, SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective

“This book is solidly researched, candidly personal, and smartly political. Every young woman should read The Purity Myth – and it sure as hell would help if every young man read it as well!” - Robin Morgan, Author and Activist

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Yes Means Yes is a welcome and much-needed resource to help all of us both value and respect female sexuality while eradicating a rape culture.” -Aishah Shahidah Simmons, producer/writer/director of NO! The Rape Documentary

Yes Means Yes reminds me why I came to call myself a feminist. It’s unapologetic, politically astute, and affirming of women and our sexualities.” - Daisy Hernandez, coeditor of Colonize This! Women of Color on Today’s Feminism

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“Jessica Valenti continues to energize feminism, demonstrating that the movement is alive and well amongst young women.” – Rebecca Traister,

“Jessica Valenti is shrewed, foul-mouthed and extremely funny. If everyone would just listen to Jessica, the war of the sexes would be over in no time.” - Ada Calhoun

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“Jessica Valenti gets right to the point: if you’re a smart, modern woman, feminism must be a part of your life. Full Frontal Feminism will leave readers wondering not what I can do, but what should I do first.” -Amy Richards & Jennifer Baumgardner, co-authors of Manifesta

Full Frontal Feminism should be required reading for all the young women out there whose ideas about feminism are more informed by backlash culture than by the actual feminist movement. Valenti has producer a lively, witty primer on feminism that will inspire its audience.” -Lisa Jervis, co-founder of Bitch magazine

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